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Swami Dhirendra Brahmachari

Title: Swami Dhirendra Brahmachari
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Just like his life and his death the origin of Swami Dhirendra Brahmachari is shrouded in mystery. There are no records of the day of his birth, and during his lifetime the public was speculating about his real age. He never talked much about his past, but when he remebered his early childhood he used to say that he was a wild and naughty boy with a great sense for adventure, which often put him in difficult and dangerous situations. When he was twelve years old he started to read the Bhagavad Gita and he was deeply impressed when Krishna says to Arjuna: “The Yogin is verily superior to the Tapasvins (those observing austerities), Jnanins (the knowledge-ables) and Karmakandins (those who perform the ceremonial rites). Therefore you should try to become a Yogin!” So he decided to become a Yogi. From this moment he pursued this arduous path with great devotion and deep interest, and he left his family to search for a true Guru. During these years of wandering he met many masters and holy men, but in spite of his ardent efforts it seemed impossible to find the one personal Guru. Many so-called masters turned out to be charlatans or they were demanding a certain hairstyle or dress from him, changes which the stubborn young man wouldn`t accept. While this struggle between light and darkness was in full swing, he finally met his Guru Maharshi Kartikeya, whose Ashram stood at Gopal-Khera, about twelve miles from Lucknow. There his Guru initiated him into the untold secrets of Yoga. He practiced Pranayama in an underground cave and reached a state of perfect mental equilibrum, which made him enter the realms of higher Yoga. Now he was a Swami, a Siddha and Yoga-Master, and he was directed by Maharshiji to propagate the Yogic Kriyas.

In the year 1981 he was asked by some journalists if he would leave his body as old as his own Guru Maharshi Kartikeya, who entered Maha-Samadhi 1953 in the age of 336 years, while he was meditating with his favourite Chelas. He answered: “I would gladly do that, if I shouldn`t die in a plane-crash.”

It was in the Vishwayatan Ashram in New Delhi in the beginning of june 1994 that he announced his final departure from this world to the unbelieving staff and students. A few days later, it was the 9 th june 1994, he crashed with a small airplane in the mountains near Mantalai (J & K).

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Comment Author qww / Nov 18, 2009
send contact of dhirendra's asram in delhi

Comment Author ashok mann / May 16, 2010
When he was alive then Vishwayatan Yogaashram at Ashok Road,New Delhi,& Aparna Ashram at Mathura Road,New Delhi,but after his death Government of India took possetion & change the name of his Vishwayatan Ashram to morrari Desai Yoga & Ayuraved sansthan .now there is no ashram of Dhirendhar ;



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